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Welcome to Peter's geneology site!
On this page I am publishing information on my ancestors that I have gathered from own research and secondary sources. As I haven't been able to verify the validity of all data, and since much of it is the result of other researchers' own hard work, it should not be published elsewhere. If you have any additions or corrections to my data, please send me an e-mail and let me know!

Click here for a list of some of those who have been contributing with research data.

Current database statistics (20/3 2007):

Persons: 14,561 related, 0 unrelated in 4,471 families (7,082 men, 7,099 women)
Families: Gauffin (871), Gille (791), Bonnevier (685), Bouvin (661), Anjou (272), Tillman (258), Gilljam (173), Hybinette (164), Baudou (134), Pousette (105), Bremer (97), Boström (90), Engholm (80), etc.
Places: Österbybruk, Lövsta bruk, Forsmark, Ununge, Skäfthammar, Österfärnebo, Rogberga, Malmbäck, Ödestugu, Stockholm, ? Fågelvik, Hofterup, Åbo, etc.

Ancestor charts (Antavlor)
My father's father:
Oscar Engholm

Names: Engholm, Tropp, Askelöf, etc.
Places: Småland (Ödestugu, Malmbäck, Barkeryd, Barnarp etc.)


6 generations (PDF)
My father's mother:
Ruth Edberg

Names: Edberg, Ståhl, Frisk, Stille etc.
Places: Småland (Malmbäck, Rogberga, Forserum, etc.)


6 generations (PDF)
My mother's father:
Erik Welinder

Names: Welinder, Malmström, etc.
Places: Skåne (Hofterup, Hassle-Bösarp, Västra Karaby, Villie etc.)


6 generations (PDF)
My mother's mother:
Sonja Gille

Names: Gille, Gauffin, Bremer, Pipping, Grubb, Boström, Ahlberg etc.
Places: Småland, Skåne, Värmland, Uppland etc.


6 generations (PDF)

Person index (Personregister - alla personer)

Surname index (Efternamnsregister - alla personer)

Place index (Ortsregister)

Table chart (Min antavla i tabellformat) - HTML, 700kB. Updated 13/11 2005.
- Note! Large file that could take time to open!

Descendant charts (Stamtavlor)

Descendant chart for the Engholm family from Småland, Sweden. The family names origins with Peter Ersson (1800-1837) who came from Lerbäck, Närke. In the beginning of the 20th century, some family members emigrated to America, where there are many descendants today.

Table chart (Tabell) - HTML, 285kB. Updated: 13/11 2005.
- Note! Large file that could take long time to open!

Some related/useful links (Länkar)

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Genline Scanned church books, published on the Internet, saves you both time and money!
Disbyt A database where you can exchange information about ancestors.
Anno 1890 Swedish people count in 1890. Names, families and location of most citizens.
DDSS Demographical database for Southern Sweden. Over 500,000 posts.
JBGF Demographical database for the Jönköping/Småland area. Over 500,000 posts.
Svenska avskrifter Links collection of digitalised Swedish church records on the Internet.
Stockholms stadsarkiv Some databases available, like Rotemansarkivet Kungsholmen before 1894.
Sällskapet Vallonättligar A large organisation for Wallon descendants.
Vallonbruk i Uppland Information about the mines in Uppland.
Skånsk släktforskning Site focused on Scanian geneology (a region in south Sweden).
More geneology links #1 Link site.
More geneology links #2 Link site.

Produced by Peter and Marcelle.
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