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Peter, Marcelle, Emma & Oscar: What you need to know about us!


Birth date: October 7, 1972
Birth place: Lund, Sweden
Family: Father Lennart, mother Lena, sister Pia, nephews Eldór, Baldur & Thor
Occupation: Account manager at Dell A/S in Copenhagen
Brief biography: Grew up in Trelleborg, southern Sweden. Active in a local scout- and youth organisation for several years. Worked for six years in a local computer company - then went to Australia for five years of University studies. Back in Sweden 2001.
Interests: Sports: mainly playing golf and watching soccer - Traveling: Been to 35+ countries. - Computers - Winning competitions (ask him about this some day!) - The arts: Musicals and good movies.
Likes: Marcelle, Emma, Oscar, Max & Felix, "No worries, mate"-mentality, beer & red wine, lebanese waterpipe, crispy bacon, and pretzels.
Doesn't like: Spiders, cheese, complicated and narrow-minded people.
Life motto: "If reality does not exceed your dreams - let dreams become your reality!"
What else: Graduated top of class at university, founded local Rotaract-club, produced and published own lyrics book.

(Born: Abi Salloum)

Birth date: April 9, 1977
Birth place: Beirut, Lebanon
Family: Father Adel, mother Kathia, brother Robert, sister Sabine, nephew Olivier, nieces Caroline, Léna & Solčne
Occupation: Sales and marketing coordinator at Pergo Europe AB
Brief biography: Spent most of the childhood successfully avoiding bombs in Lebanon. Left the country with her family at the age of 12 to live in Angers, France. Attended university there and spent final year as exchange student in Melbourne, where she met Peter when looking for a house to share.
Interests: Sports: mainly watching on TV - Traveling: Australia, Cyprus, Spain, et.c. - enjoys experiencing different cultures and meeting people (loves Latinos!) - The arts: Favourite author is John Irving. Also enjoys good movies.
Likes: Peter, Emma & Oscar, friends and family, Peter's crispy bacon, shopping, cafés, et.c.
Doesn't like: Complicated French people, losing, scary movies (even "Scream" makes her scream!)
Life motto: "La vie ne vaut rien, mais rien ne vaut la vie!" (in English: Enjoy life!!!)
What else: Currently home taking care of Oscar


Birth date: March 10, 2007
Birth place: Lund, Sweden
Family: Father Peter, mother Marcelle, brother Oscar
Occupation: Being the centre attraction of the world
Brief biography: Mainly been busy testing her parents patience in all ways she can think of...

Interests: Loves to play the piano and sing with dad, very kind but also extremely energetic and stubborn. Attending daycare. Taking care of Oscar.
Likes: Mostly mum & dad, Oscar, Max & Felix, candy, dad's pretzels and bacon, playing piano, "anka-spelet" and "spöket Laban"
Doesn't like: Mainly to obey her parents. To go to sleep when she is awake.
Life motto: "I am. Therefore I rule."
What else: Probably the cutest girl in the world!


Birth date: March 5, 2009
Birth place: Lund, Sweden
Family: Father Peter, mother Marcelle, sister Emma
Occupation: Life explorer
Brief biography: Just recently been born, trying to explore new things every day. Sleeping a lot.

Interests: Drinking milk and throwing it up again, laughing, being cute, making diapers dirty
Likes: Mum, dad & Emma and everyone else giving him attention, milk, to cuddle
Doesn't like: Being hit by Emma, being hungry
Life motto: "Huh, life.. what is that?"
What else: Probably the cutest boy in the world

Look on this page for pictures of our house in Fjärdingslöv.

Produced by Peter and Marcelle.
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